Leak Detection and Video Inspection in San Jose, CA

Specializing in Water, Gas, Pipe and Sewer Line Leak Detection

Need a reliable sewer line video inspection or gas/water leak detection in San Jose, CA? From gas, water to pipe leak, Scantech has you covered!

We take great pride in providing professional and top quality leak detection, video inspection and location of all underground utilities such as water, gas, utility pipe and rebar. We serve both residential and commercial clients in San Jose, California. We also serve real estate agents or buyers wanting to do prior water, gas pipe leak detection and sewer line video inspection in San Jose area.

Established in 2008, Scantech thrives on offering the best and most reliable services on all your leak detection and video inspection of the following utilities: water lines, gas lines, pipe, sewer lines, fiber optic lines, phone lines, post tension cables and rebar. From the roots, leaks, cracks and even blockages in your sewer line, we find the problem and provide solutions. We also do thermal imaging to find radiant heat lines or leaks, hot water leaks and mold inspections. Visit our services page to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you with your needs.

Why Choose Scantech?

√ Reliable and Affordable Leak Detection & Video Inspection Services

At Scantech you can be confident that our detection and inspection services in San Jose, CA will leave you in the comfort of your San Jose homes with peace in mind. We take pride to provide clients in San Jose with high quality, honest, personalized, and care based service based on their unique needs.

Our commitment to provide our clients with excellent water, gas, pipe leak detection and sewer line video inspection at competitive rates makes Scantech one of the most trusted and preferred leak detection companies in San Jose, CA.

√ Experienced and Courteous Contractors

With our 20 years in the industry, we have been serving San Jose, CA with a team of experienced and courteous contractors. Our leak detection and video inspection experts are highly skilled in all aspects of water, gas pipe and sewer leak. They are flexible and always strive to adhere to our committed service schedule. Whether it is water, gas, electrical, telephone, fiber optic, sanitary sewer, storm drains, post tension cables, or rebar, our team is committed to provide you quality service.

√ Most Advanced Equipment

Through using the most advanced equipment, we are able to provide the best of water, gas and pipe leak detection and sewer line video inspection in the San Jose, CA area.

We utilize the latest technology and most up to date electronic leak detection and video inspection equipment. Through this, we can clearly record inspection and detection of leaks, blockages and other damages in your drains, waste, water pipes, gas pipes and sewer lines. We also have our high-end service vehicles that are fully loaded with all the necessary tools, parts and equipment our technicians need in order to respond quickly to every residential and commercial project in San Jose, CA.

These are just some of the reasons why many home and business property owners in San Jose, CA trust only Scantech when it comes to their water, gas, pipe leak detection and sewer video inspection needs. Learn more about Scantech and the services we offer. Contact us today and discover why Scantech has been professionally and happily serving clients in San Jose, California for many years.

When it comes to your pipe leak detection and sewer video inspection needs, trust only the experts at Scantech. We look forward serving your home and commercial property today!